21 | 07 | 2019
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 Pipe Welding

Pipes are mostly welded longitudinal due to the manufacturing process. The welding gap is detected reliably with the laser scanner during the automated welding process and the welding head is moved to the best possible welding position. The continuous tracing of the welding head is made during the welding process.

Quality Assurance
  • Tracing of control systems
  • Inspection of the welding gap previous to the welding  
  • Inspection of the welding seam
A guidance system based on a laser scanner ensures e.g. for the ultra sonic measurement method the best possible position of the measurement heads.
Furthermore also the contourline profile which is generated by the scanner can be used for the generation and evaluation of 3 D images. Thus an inspection of the seam surface regarding blow holes or breaks of the welding length can be made.
Manufacturing Control
Tracing of the manufacturing system
Regulation of the material
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