21 | 07 | 2019
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Completeness Check of Component Groups
Prüfen von Baugruppen auf Vollständigkeit

In order to measure and check group of components exactly in respect of the completeness and compliance with the requirements a 3 D picture of the group of components is generated. In doing so either the group of components is moved diagonally to the scan line of the laser scanner or the scanner is moved by a motor controlled movemend over the group of components which has to be measured. With resolutions of up to  
10 µm a measurement whether components are soldered together in the right way are possible. The completeness is checked by matching and analysing the generated 3D image with an existing sample (Teach in).

Quality Assurance
  • Check of completeness 
  • Optical quality assurance
Manufacturing Control
  • location / position of the workpiece 
  • perception function for components and opportunity to initiate the corresponding workflow
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