21 | 07 | 2019
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Pipeline Welding

In case of the welding of pipelines long steel lengths are rolled helical to a pipe and the originated gap is welded mostly using the method of submerged arc welding. Thereby it is important to move the welding head exactly on the groove which has to be welded. Using a laser scanner which generates a scan line diagonally to the welding gap and the according software which evaluates  the scanner date and put it out to the engine management system this task can be coped in a reliable way.

Quality Assurance
  • Tracing of control systems 
  • Inspection of the welding gap before welding  
  • Check of the welding seam
A tracing system which is based on a laser scanner ensures the best possible position of the measurment heads e. g. for the ultrasonic measurement method.

Furthermore the contourline profile which has been determined by the scanner can used for the generation and evaluation of 3 D images. Thus an inspection of the seam surface on blow holes or abandonment of the welding length is possible.
Manufacturing Control
  • Tracing of the manufacturing system
  • Regulation of the material
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