20 | 04 | 2021
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ES Identification System

Code readers up to 300°C (572 F)  
Where chip-card readers and barcode readers quit service, the ES code reader is applied. In extremely rough environments, on high temperatures, in both conveying directions and even on pendulum movement the ES identifies automatically and absolutely reliable the coded rakes (up to 8190 different).



Further advantages of ES:


ES inductive

  • no mechanical wearing parts
  • noiseless
  • reactionless
  • non sensitive against vibration
  • extra long-lasting
  • non sensitive against environmental effects
    (light, wetness, dirt, temperature, humidity)

ES optical

  • early warning at a pollution of 80%
    rake can be mounted inversely
The ES works cost-effective and is applicable in any industrial sector. Wherever identification systems for material flow, manufacturing sequence, transport and distribution technology are needed.

The ES in use on a power&free transport system, e .g. from stock to final car assembly or from paint-spray-line to assembly.


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