25 | 07 | 2017
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Laser Distance Sensor


Integrated Bus System
for automated Manufacturing

>> Analog Sensor for highly dynamic applications

resolution 0.05 µm
bandwith 100 kHz
range 0.5 to 200 mm
  • with a bandwith of 100 kHz and sampling frequency of 400 kHz
    the M70LL is the fastest sensor in the market.
  • the Ethernet data output allows easy cabling and access to measurement data
  • with a resolution of 0.05 μm mm the sensor is in the top range
  • small light spot diameter (from 0.1 mm) allow to capture small parts.
  • 8 models with range from 0.5 up to 200 mm are available.
  • the separate electronic unit and a 2m connection cable are standard delivery.


  • testing ultrasonic devices
  • testing relays
  • lock testing
  • motors, shafts excentricity
  • suspension testing
  • crash test
  • road profiling
  • oscillations in thin foils